• A Proven Recipe

    Evidence from around the world supporting why rail trails work. Economic case studies, Community and Health testimonials and Rail Banking for the future.

    A Proven Recipe
  • Opportunities Knock

    New local enterprises could be established by turning disused historic railway stations into vibrate cafes, internet business hubs, Rail museums, Visitor information offices.

    Opportunities Knock
  • Community Connection

    Community connection. Safe recreational and commuter route for families to enjoy. Accessible facility for people with disabilities. Sealed sections for wheelchair access and mobility scooters.

    Community Connection
  • Tell the World

    Showcase our regions wonderful produce and products, sell Northern Rivers products to the world and create local jobs.

    Tell the World
  • Discover and Protect

    Reveal and explore our amazing and diverse environment. Promote environmental awareness and education.

    Discover and Protect
  • Railway Heritage

    Traverse and preserve our rich rail heritage. Discover magnificent bridges, tunnels and the rail infrastructure.

    Railway Heritage
  • Tourism and Jobs

    Visitors using the Rail Trail are generally interested in health and well-being, and are high yielding visitors.  The rail trail will re-energise some smaller towns and distribute tourism income to the whole region.

    Tourism and Jobs
  • New Tourism Ventures

    New businesses and ideas, new commuter transport, solar electric passenger vehicles for group transport, potentially servicing urban areas and festival sites.

    New Tourism Ventures
  • Multi-purpose

    Gentle curves and shallow gradients make the rail trail ideal to incorporate sections for equestrian activities.



A regional cycling and walking trail for all the community.


Rail Trails Work!

Rail Trails Work!

Case studies testimonials and video grabs from Rail Trails around the world.

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The Rail Trail is not just about a walking track, it’s about eco-tourism and host communities, festivals and events, employment,

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