Who can use the Rail Trail?

Walkers Runners Cyclists Electric bikes People in wheelchairs Mobility scooters In selected locations horse riders

What about Trains?

• Studies have shown that improved bus services are the best way to improve the region transport needs – bus services already replicate the train service • Patronage demand and population density doesn’t support the investment required for an operational … Continue reading

Is the Rail Trail feasible?

• Ready – Tweed Council has been fully funded by state and federal government to a sum of $13 million  to complete 1st section from Murwillumbah to Crabbs Creek. • Yes – proven by independent analysis • Yes – has … Continue reading

Why do NRRT Inc. propose a Rail Trail?

Following the detailed investigation into the transport requirements of the region in 2013, the state government declared that restoration of rail in the medium term was not an option due to costs and changed population centers. View Transport for NSW … Continue reading

What is the NRRT Inc.’s policy on Trains?

NRRT Inc is consistent and aligned with Rail Trails Australia. Which is to support viable rail services, over a rail trail. Also see. http://www.tweed.nsw.gov.au/northernriversrailtrail

Can the Rail Trail co-exist with trains (multi modal)?

It is possible to run a rail trail and train side by side in some situations but in this case the dual use of the corridor is not feasible in many sections of the track and would add significant costs … Continue reading

Will the Rail Trail protect the corridor from being sold off?

Yes, the Rail Trail will become a ‘Rail Bank’. By using the rail corridor for a Rail Trail it will remain in public ownership in the hands of the State Government. A change in legislation is required to allow a … Continue reading

Why can’t the rails stay in place?

The formation that supports the sleepers and rails is an excellent base for a trail and reduces the cost of construction. Engineering advice says that building the trail with the rails in place would cause major maintenance and safety issues. … Continue reading