Can the Rail Trail co-exist with trains (multi modal)?

It is possible to run a rail trail and train side by side in some situations but in this case the dual use of the corridor is not feasible in many sections of the track and would add significant costs to this project. 

It is more efficient for the Rail Trail to be constructed on the disused rail formation than beside it. The condition assessment for the Casino to Murwillumbah Transport Study found most of the existing sleepers, ballast and bridges would need to be replaced if train services were ever restored. Removing the existing infrastructure to build a rail trail does not stop the return of train services in the future. Rather, it preserves the formation in better condition than it is now and makes it easier to install new ballast and sleepers, replace the rails and run trains.

Private enterprise rail based tourist attractions which require the Rail Trail to be constructed off the existing rail formation would make the Rail Trail more expensive to build. Government funding would not be available for this type of commercial operation. The extra costs to build the Rail Trail off formation would be at the private operator’s expense.

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