Action Plan

Priority actions for Board as at July 2017

  1. Ensure State and Federal funding is allocated to the Tweed section from Murwillumbah Station to Crabbes Creek (update Feb 2018 – now fully funded by state and federal government)
  2. Encourage the State Government to pass the necessary legislation for the Northern Rivers Rail Trail.
  3. Work with Tweed Council to establish the governance arrangements for the trail
  4. Work with State Government and Tweed Council to establish the Northern Rivers Rail Trail Trust
  5. Continue to work with Lismore and Richmond Valley Councils to develop a robust business case for the Casino-Eltham trail section, and to ensure the $75K from our crowd funding campaign is spent wisely.
  6. Support Lismore and Richmond Valley Councils’ funding submissions
  7. Support Lismore and Richmond Valley Councils in consulting with landholders along the corridor
  8. Continue to work with Byron Council to complete the feasibility studies for the Byron trail section from Bangalow to Billinudgel.


Priority Action for NRRT Inc Board as of February 2015

  1. Complete Expression of Interest to State Government by 31 March
  2. Work closely with other parties interested in using the rail corridor
  3. Continue to work on community engagement across the whole region
  4. Continue to work with Rail Trail NSW to promote rail trails across NSW
  5. Detailed design and Project Plan to be initiated post 31 March 2015

Priority actions for the NRRT Inc. board as of October 2013

  1. Generally review key issues and tasks to be dealt with before the end of 2013.(Completed)
  2. Set targets and a way forward for each task. (Completed)
  3. Complete the website and have up and working by early October (Completed).
  4. Work closely with any group or organisation interested in using the rail corridor effectively including sharing the corridor with pedestrians and cyclists.(Ongoing)
  5. Work with local governments to understand more about the issues of importance to them.(ongoing)
  6. See how the rail trail concept along with other uses of the corridor might provide a ‘park and ride’ system for Byron Bay or otherwise help relive vehicle traffic pressure in the town. (Ongoing)
  7. Understand more about the logistics and practicalities of returning a light rail to the corridor; which segments of the corridor, demand and usage numbers, cost to construct, run and maintain, the ability to share the corridor and when the region might achieve what is required. (Completed – refer other reports)
  8. Develop a media program to keep our 4000 signed up supporters as well informed as we can. (ongoing)
  9. Consider two model rail trails to demonstrate how rail trails might operate to see how shared use could apply. (ongoing)
  10. Feasibility Study (Completed)
  11. Monitor progress of the feasibility study (Completed).
  12. Prepare thorough and concise working papers on key topics to submit to the consultants chosen to carry out the feasibility study. (Completed)
  13. Newsletters for supporters.  Prepare the second newsletter and get out in October.  Consider a third “Christmas newsletter” in December (completed – ongoing)
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